BY: Lonnie Syke
10580258_916188808396312_6775755817693277678_nAt the tender age of 5 Stevie b grew up playing the drumset in church. The beginning of his musical talents were displayed when he began traveling with jazz and gospel bands.
During his high school years he attended Taylor Allderice high school.
Stevie B didn’t play any sports in high school. He was just a kid with a musical vision and not the most popular kid in school.
After getting kicked out of Allderice his senior year he moved to Washington dc and attained his GED from Job Corps.
Stevie decided to move back to pgh still unsure of what he really wanted out life then decided to moved to Alabama and got a job.
After being homesick Stevie decided to move Back to pgh.
Stevie B then started singing
Hooks for local artist
And working at a pizza shop.10487464_916188861729640_2475352564097545969_n
And started making beats getting his first chance to display his talents in the studio.
Currently with over 30 mixtapes produced & recorded building up the Loudpak Brand along with his team of talented producers Stevie B is paving a way into the industry.
Labeled as one of the hottest producer on the east coast Stevie B has multiple tracks produced and recorded with national artist. His grind and love for music has advanced his level of competition of staying one of the best. Stevie B says “Pittsburgh It’s Our Time”.