How has the name, Marcielago come to be?

~ Simply my fascination with the Murcielago car :). Also the similarities with my name being Marcy it just fit. I also consider myself to be extremely fast & valuable.


Does being a female artist up on stage change the perspective of the people looking at you?

~ I would think so. I’m not your typical female artist. I have many sides & layers to my core. When I’m on stage I feel I have the responsibility to not only entertain but inspire. “Fans” are “The People” & I’m a candidatefor office to represent a voice “The Woman”  I take that charge seriously.


Do people appreciate the music you lay down for them the way you would want them to?

~ I do feel people appreciate it because it’s different, although I’m fully aware some songs they may not understand…. yet. There is a time for everything. Some of the music I write is ahead of it’s time. And that’s okay with me.


What where viewer’s reactions to the lyrics and video of “Your Not Hott”?

~ You’re Not HoTT is certainly a song that’s ahead of its time. Some agree, Some disagree with the lyrics. Most enjoyed the video because of it’s artistic content. Either way as an artist i want to inspire people to atleast think, have & express your opinion, be yourself.


What has inspired you most to become a music artist?

~ I’ve played 5 instruments starting in 2nd grade with the violin, piano,

drums, alto sax, and bass guitar. I used to skip class & sneak into the music labs. I was very active in the orchestra, band, musical, talent shows, beauty pageants, church you name it! I was born to be a leader & entertainer.


Does Marcielago have any regrets she would like to state on this interview throughout her music career?

~ None. Trials came and will come to make me extremely strong.


What thoughts do you put onto your music?

~My music is who I am. I have past, present, and future experiences in mind when i write & perform.


How long has it been since you first step foot in a studio?

~Last month. I’m also a single mother, business woman, and have several careers to make ends meet, so i must spend my time wisely. Although I will be there next week laying down another joint for my ladies called “I Love Hard” Off of my 2nd album I’m currently working on “The Art Of Spiritual Warfare”. A trail and error lesson i learned about Love.


The first time I heard you on a track was when you and HollyHood paired up for a bonus track on Pink Elephant, do you plan on going back and doing something like that again?

~ Absolutely Holly is my girl, I respect her & her hustle as an artist, single mother, an educated business woman with 2 Master Degree’s. Very down to earth which is always cool & a pleasure to work with along with Kizzy from KingPinz.


Was working with Ruff Bone on your most recent video something you enjoyed and plan to do again?

~Ruff Bone is by far one of the hardest working men from the burgh pursuing his up & coming dream as a Director and I respect his hustle. He is pleasant, professional, down to earth, & extremely easy to work with. What i appreciated most about working with him is his ability to listen and take my vision to the next level. I will admit I am not the easiest artists to work with. I know what I want. He was able to get with me, most aren’t so I look forward to shooting this video “I Love Hard” with him as well.


-Joe Floe


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