Alot of people are trapped in these particular feelings. People are not aware what the difference is and how they can determine if it truly is love or just merely lust.

My personal definition of love: When two people come together in unison; builds one another; puts that person’s best interest at heart; a divine passion for one another that can not be broken. Sex is not always the main course of the relationship but instead it is each others well-being.

My personal definition of lust: When two people think about one another in a sexual, intense way. When they do not care to put the other partner’s heart as an interest. Stimulating the mind instead of the heart. Basically an option, whenever that person is available to you. Conversations are not about the future, but the present.

When two people can come together in unison means that you and your partner can discuss certain issues and come to a solid agreement. When your partner is feeling down and out, you can uplift instead of tearing down. Sex becomes passionate love, when nothing else around you seems to matter except pleasing your partner. [IE., your mind is not side-tracked by surroundings] cell phones, texts, doors will not be answered. Your mind becomes tuned into your partner. No one else can break up this love. No one will be able to tell you anything negative about your partner and try to disturb the paradise that you both share. Being respectful is the key along with communication. The future is always talked about. Your future together is the most important discussion between the two. Planning “far” ahead instead of what will occur in a week or two.

Many people today are trapped because they can not tell the difference. People think that just because you “kiss” and have that spark or should I say a “lightening bolt” that shoots through your body, it’s love. No, that is not the case. You are mixing lustful hormones together to form that “spark”. NOW, if love is among the two of you, and you both are sharing in the signs of “love”, yes, these lightening bolts can occur. You have to be able to determine the difference and the feeling of the two.

Remember, love requires discipline and commitment. Love is focused on the growth, improvement and comfort of the partner. Lust does not confirm any positive attributes and focuses on the satisfaction of oneself.