Local Hip Hop is in need of a change! The power lies in the hands of the artists. Here are some things I think would help but everyone needs to make an effort.

– Treat your music career like a business.
– Don’t make bad business decisions, they affect the whole scene (i.e. paying to perform).
– Promoters: pre-screen your acts. Only put quality on stage! Artists without a show mix should be denied stage access. period. Better quality show means more people that want to come means more $ in your pockets.
– Understand what UNITY means. It’s NOT supporting your peers just because they make music. It’s finding people that can add to your goal. Example, work with a new local producer, they may help you develop in a new way with their fresh perspective. It also means rallying behind an already established artist to bring more attention to your city.
– Don’t promote just online. Get out to events (not just local hip hop shows), shake some hands, expand your network in person. Put up posters. Use door hangers to distribute your cds to a target market, camp out at concerts and hand out your cd, find stores that will carry your cd or post a flyer, etc. Be creative.
– Choreograph and practice your stage show. No one but artists go to showcases because they aren’t entertaining. Straight up.
– Be open to criticism. Everyone has room to improve and if you’re as awesome as you already think you are then wouldn’t you be further ahead?
– Don’t entertain “beef” from another local artist who is probably further behind than you. All the successful people I know don’t even have time for that.
– Utilize online radio stations to spread your music. They’re willing to add your music to rotation! A simple Google search can help you find thousands worldwide.
– Also utilize music blogs to spread your sound. However, don’t haphazardly release music. Have a plan and be consistent.

Hope this helps!

– K-Mo / RepOrlandoHipHop.com