New Leak from Lyrical Exercise 101 entitled “Growth” a freestyle that was put together with production from SUPAbeats…I am a new affiliate member of SUPAbeats Music Group…Which this song would be the first collaboration.

Chris – Growth Freestyle (Prod by SUPAbeats) by PghCHRIS

Chris Mitchell, also known as C.H.R.I.S. (Coordinating Higher Riches Infinitely Shining) was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With a rare and original style of rap, Chris looks to bring a new feel to the music coming out of the city. Flossing an extensive background in poetry (roughly 10 years), his music puts on display his flexible vocabulary and ability to put passion behind his lyrics. His debut mixtape “Daydreams of a Sleepwalker” earned him genuine credibility on the flourishing Pittsburgh music scene, displaying a very personal testimony with heavy Steel-City influence. Chris raises the bar when it comes to independent local Hip Hop artists. In one year, CHRIS has established himself as a respectable lyricist on the caliber of many mainstream favorites.