Beedie – Pittlandia (Portlandia Remix) by Beedie


After hitting you last week with “The Drive”, Beedie is back at it again. Spitting over the theme song for IFC’s “Portlandia” television show, Beedie invites you to join him on a trip to “Pittlandia”, where the skies are blue and the trees are purple. Also keep an eye out for the visuals to the Statik Selektah produced “Home”. Follow Beedie on twitter here, and visit his website at


From the summer this all started, the wind’s blowin
Got the hunger of starve artists, my ribs showin
Writin off any fraud frogs, they long gone
You fakin, tryna jump in front of me? We got a problem
I’m doin something that you should embrace and get paper
You’d rather just see me sit stationed
Find me growin grass like my lawn’s long
Strip to my long johns, get the girl with the pom-pom’s
Life been UGLY i been DUCKin from the bullshit, but this my SWAG song
It’s in my reach – Stretch Armstrong
Seen a beautiful side of life from Mars, uh!
Like a satellite in the Plana-Arium
Rule about these hoes, we don’t love em, we don’t marry em
Rappers meet they funeral, no ulterior
I spit the eulogy. I’ll burn em

Ring alarms and drop bombs
Been known to make a scene where they talks on
And they tip toein’ with caution, watchin my every move 
Last run they lost on
Took the earrings out
I’m grown so I call sellin trees errands now
Excuse my french bitch but I’m Paris bound
It’s just something on my mind, had to air this out – Blow it down…
Yea. Pinecones that I’m smokin, the shape of a golf tee, the size stupid
Think you blazed?
If you come around my session I’ma buss ya head if you bring the regs, or the 50
Never catch me with the 5950
Love the fans live, when they rhyme with me
They say you tryna reign then it’s gotta pour
Got me lookin to the sky like what’s all this for?