1.) At what age did you get started with the yo-yo?

Around 11 years old.

2.) Has your yo-yo skills created any good / unique opportunities for you?

Yes it has led to a lot of interesting encounters!

3.) Have you ran into any others in the area as skilled as you?

Yes but only a few that are skilled. I’m tryin to change that though by getting more people in the area into it.

4.) If someone wanted to start learning the yo-yo, what brand / model would be a good one to begin on?

I usually recommend a Yoyo factory velocity or Duncan butterfly xt.

5.) Have you been able to meet any well known people with the traveling you do to compete?1186140_522806024469144_1660392258_n

Yes I’ve met bunch of different musicians and artists through yoyoing amongst other things.

6.) I once heard yo-yos where used as weapons. Could you be armed and dangerous with your yo-yo?

Actually the first Yoyo was made out of terra cotta and found in Greece. It was never intended as a weapon but don’t get it twisted I am deadly with one if I want to be ha!

7.) You also produce your own beats. If you had to classify your sound, what would you label it?

Just whatever I’m feeling in the moment. Mostly I produce hip hop.


8.) Do you often perform and practice your yo-yo skills to your own beats?

Yeah sometimes I compete with my music. My yoyoing and music go hand in hand since when I’m writing something I try to build it like I would a Yoyo trick.

9.) What other hobbies or interests do you enjoy?

I like to scratch and juggle records a lot. When I’m not working on music or yoyoing sometimes I’ll throw on some MTV or some settlers of Catan or something.

10.) POPGH stands for People of Pittsburgh Going Hard, how do you go hard for your city?

I go hard by just doin what I do baby. That’s how I keeps it. REAL.

Ky’s Music : https://soundcloud.com/argiemor
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