Download : Integration over 117,000 downloads in the first 30 days!


In less than a year, Indy Female Rapper & Singer Kellee Maize has remained an independent artist and garnered the following with virtually no budget:


2.5 million+ youtube views

100,000+ twitter and facebook fans

400,000 album downloads

#1 on Amazon and #1 on

1 of only 7 Hip Hop Acts invited to perform at the Bonnaroo Music Festival 2011


Kellee wants to change the world. She feels we all have the power to help positively affect the world by “being the change we wish to see”, as Ghandi puts it. While this can be incredibly challenging given our human tendencies and emotions, she believes we are entering a new stage of evolution in human consciousness. Kellee feels that all people have a special gift that will be a piece in the puzzle to transform the world. We are all made of the same energy and therefore are really all one. Music and art will usher in the peaceful revolution we need from our current fear stricken society.


Joe Floe of had a chance to interview Kellee Maize recently about her recent album that had over 117,000 downloads on frostwire in 30 days!


You’ve had over 100k downloads of your new album, Integration, how does that affect your confidence on the mic?

I think it definitely helps me feel like people care and are interested, which definitely drives me to continue.


Do people respect you more as an artist after listening to Integration?

I am not sure to be honest, no one has commented something like that specifically but, I have heard people say they like it better than my 2nd album.


Have you noticed a change in your fan’s appearance and reaction when you jump on stage at shows?

I have only done one  show since the release, it was my album release party. It was super intimate so it was a great vibe but I felt a lot of support and love that night.


Do you plan to work with any other artists in your next album?



About how long have you been in to making hip-hop music?

In terms of actually recording, it would be about 7 years, but I have been writing for maybe 10. Its hard to pinpoint but, that is the rough estimate. 🙂


To some people, you would seem original, or different, what’s your reaction to their opinions?

I suppose I would take that as a compliment.  I think all artists bring something special and different than others so I guess I am no different.  But, I know my content is a bit left of center but, I am sure there are more folks out there with similar vibes.


What made you do the track Healing Tones?

Well, I wanted people to understand that I was using my tuning forks and what they mean. 🙂


How was writing these verses for this album?

It was fun writing this album, a lot it has been done since the last album. So I am really glad to have it out and work on new stuff.  Some of the songs are very new…its a mix.


What influences your ideas and actions in your music?

Everything and everyone.  Other music, art, people in my life, books I have read, documentaries I have seen, speakers I have listened to, mentors, spiritual experiences, etc.


Have you been any different in this album than the other albums you’ve had in the past?

I feel that this album is a bit more personal….not a lot more but, on some level.  And, I would say that the first album was really angry, the second, was really positive and this one is integrated, and I really try to raise awareness about something, but resolve it in a positive manner.


In your own opinion, was this the best album you’ve released?

I think so…at least I feel like I have improved.


Do you have any “sneak peaks” for us here at POPGH?

Will be releasing a mixtape next, sometime this winter if all goes well.  And, I will have a new video from my album release party for the song Takeover. | @kelleemaize