For this week’s installment of Varsity Tryouts, Jon Quest and Beedie bring us an extra special treat. The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Season 2 is Jon Quest’s second mixtape. The project features production from Shade Cobain, Czientist, The Boom Bap Addicts, P. Fish & more; this tape is sure to keep heads nodding from start to finish with its golden-era hip-hop sound, which takes the listener through many adventures. Jon Quest and Beedie finishing the Varsity Squad album, which will be released later this year. Until then sit back and enjoyThe Real Adventures of Jonny Quest Season 2 & keep checking back each week for new installments of Varsity Tryouts, with more new music from VS. Follow them on twitter: @JonQuest412 @Beedie412 @VarsitySquadVS.


Additionally, we get a behind the scenes look at Jon Quest in the studio crafting his mixtape.

Varsity Tryouts Episode 6 features appearances from Jon Quest, Beedie, Treejay, Daily Bread, & Mac Miller: