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“Window Pain is a raw expression of saying I’ve had enough and you’re going to feel it. You are going to feel every ounce of pain that you hear in my voice and finally be able to comprehend my thoughts. Window Pain has a melodic, catchy hook that brings you in and then when you get to the core of the verses it’s detailing my situations and the things I’m trying to take control of. I really am pushing my listeners to think for themselves instead of feeding into what society feels is right.” – J.K.J.

J.K.J. releases his first single and video off his upcoming album, Internal Warfare. J.K.J. is really trying to spark the album off right with the release of “Window Pain,” a track produced by Pittsburgh’s very own Shuma Beats. With Internal Warfare being an album centered on the ups and downs of life and how we battle within ourselves, “Window Pain” provides the clearest illustration of this concept.

Artist: J.K.J. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Song: Window Pain
Album: Internal Warfare
Director: Blue Lens Films
Producer: Shuma Beats
Engineer: Nate Kodi

Official Website:
Twitter: @JkJ412, @ShumaBeats, @BlueLensFilms, @NateKodi, @RareNation