“It’s too cold outside for Angels to fly…”  As “Angels” begins, the haunting sample from LiftOFF, which alone can make listeners stop and think, is followed by JKJ’s pointed message, creating a song that plays middle man to the victim and aggressor in today’s battlefield that is society.  This song is a freebie before JKJ’s next project, PTSD, due mid 2015.  Happy New Year from RARE Nation; let’s start 2015 off with some good vibes and appreciate our “Angels.”

“This song was necessary to me because it comes from a perspective we aren’t used to hearing.  Often, artists speak as the aggressor or the victim, but rarely as the friendly conscious.  I spoke from the heart, on what I know, from a perspective that understands and has experienced the pain and reality of loved ones being in the streets.  Though sometimes it may go unheard to those in the eye of the storm, I aim to be that voice of reason trying to tell them to stop and think of consequences and not act out of anger in an irrational way.  I wanted the message to speak to the fact that we’ve lost some very good-hearted people because of situations that many times were unnecessary.” – JKJ

Artist: JKJ (Pittsburgh, PA)
Album: N/A
Producer: LiftOFF
Twitter: @JKJ412, @LiftOFFBeatz, @RareNation
Official Website: RareNation.com/jkj

Short Bio:  Music, really great music, is sparked from life experience or raw emotion.  It is through this emotion and the soundscapes it creates that musicians and fans alike are able to connect.  And it is through this emotion that Pittsburgh hip hop artist JKJ finds his musical strength.