“Lights, Camera, Action” Official Video by Jay Nolds ft. C-Note


Shot & Edited by Ben Fredette:


The Author

Jay Connor

Co-founder and owner of POPGH.com and People of Pittsburgh LLC. Client Technology Engineer with a passion for various forms of art. Jason can also be found managing his portfolio of artists that he is trying to breakout to the world. Be sure to check out Young Midas, Justuce Street Poets, The H&T and producer Mike Dugan. Jason tries to stay involved with local events, contests and any other opportunities for local artists to be involved with. Also while trying to fill the gaps for needs his artists run into he created services for printing both paper related items as well as CDs, developed scan cards, Electronic Press Kits, websites, online distribution and graphic design. In other areas of services he has a close network to help out. A true jack of all trades.

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