I personally first heard Jasmine Tate at the Pittsburgh Underground Music Awards and was a fan ever since. Popghs own Hail Mary had the opportunity to catch up with Jasmine for an interview.

1540295_10201581441964691_2981921311304829038_o1. How long have you been playing guitar?

I’ve been playing the guitar for four years and some change. I definitely have a LOT to learn!

2. You’ve recently finished up with the Life & Love tour. What were some of the most difficult tasks, and which were most rewarding?

Well, we had a blast on tour! There were a total of 10 different people with us on the tour at different times and we used a bit of a different model for tour, so that in itself would have been the biggest challenge. Anything that involves more than one human can be difficult. Ha! We all just learned a lot about loving each other better. The most rewarding had to either be learning to love each other better as a team along the way OR the lives that were changed by the music along the way. Both are priceless.

3. Who/what are your biggest inspirations and influences?

Musically, Johnnyswim is one of my biggest inspirations. Their music is packed with depth! I’m definitely a softy for good writing. They make me want to pick up a pen and search for new ways to inspire people through music. Honestly, anyone who steps outside the box and writes meaningful music becomes a source of inspiration to me. Most can also guess that Lauryn Hill is a major influence of mine. The way she delivers truth in her lyrics is unlike any other artist. I don’t want to be her, but I want people to be able to say the same thing about my music.

4. Tell me a little bit about the magic you’re working on the iTunes chart.
I’ve heard that your very first EP surpassed the works of Sheryl Crow, am I correct?

Haha! Yeah! I was so excited, I could’ve peed my pants! The Jasmine Tate EP hit the Top 10 on iTunes within its genre. It passed the likes Sheryl Crow, Ben Howard and Passenger. Then, my first full-length album, Life and Love, hit the Top 20 on iTunes within its genre on its debut. I feel sooo blessed and thankful for the support of Pittsburgh and anyone else who contributed to this craziness.

5. Have you ever collaborated on a song with other artists?920903_4619017400251_78419402_o

Who would you like to work with in the future? I’ve only ever collaborated with David Wade. He’s a rapper from Washington, PA and is literally one of the most amazing lyricists I’ve EVER heard. I really admire his work AND his content. I’m not very quick to jump on collaborations because I really believe in working with people with the same vision and heart. I don’t want to throw fans for a loop with inconsistencies in content.

6. Which song of yours is currently your favorite, and why?

Oh man. Currently, I LOVE the song “Show Me” because I can TRULY relate to it in this season of life. It very well communicates things that I’m working through now that I’m off of the Life and Love Tour and trying to settle into life in Pittsburgh for a while again.

322674_3647472432234_840431541_o7. What was it that made you travel to Ireland and, what was it like to perform in a different country?

I went to Ireland for a music class while I was in college. I absolutely loved it there. I especially loved performing there because they really value music. If you talk while music is being performed, you are looked down upon and usually corrected. For a singer/songwriter, like myself, who truly believes in what they’re writing about, that is heavenly. That’s not the norm in America.

8. What made you realize that it’s time to take your dream and run with it?

Right before I graduated from college in the fall of 2013, I was looking for a corporate job (I studied corporate communication) and a lady that I had recently met called me out. We were having coffee and she gave me a piece of her mind. “Why don’t you stop BS-ing and just do music full-time?!” I was completely shocked because I hadn’t really thought about it. However, the conversation made me consider that path and by the time I walked across the stage, I knew it was the path for me.

9. Any projects lined up for the future?1526511_10201124466380587_2097221742_n

Yes! I have a music video for the Life and Love album coming out soon! We filmed it a few months ago in Youngstown, OH in an old, abandoned theater. Once that comes out, I’ll also be releasing the video aspect of the Life and Love Project. I’m also working on a book about the model we used for tour. Hopefully, the book will be available before the next tour in the Spring.

10. The crowd at the PUMA awards loved your Eminem x Nas medley, is there any place we can hear this song again? And again. And again.

YES! That was such a fun night! I just released it online! I’m so excited to finally have it up! It was recorded at Pittsburgh’s very own ClubCafe during one of their crazy AcoustiCafe Open Mic Nights held every Monday. Check it out!

11. What are some of your favorite locations to perform your songs?

As far as Pittsburgh goes, I absolutely love performing at 720 Music, Clothing and Cafe. I believe it’s one of the dopest spots in the city of Pittsburgh. I also really enjoy playing shows at Club Cafe. I hope to expand a bit over the next few months and experience some other well-known Pittsburgh venues.

12. POPGH stands for people of Pittsburgh going hard, how would you say that you put on for this city?

I love Pittsburgh! I’m so thankful for the support of this city. I would say I put on for this city by bringing my best to the table any time I perform. There’s so much talent here, but we can only grow as artists if we’re always putting our best foot forward! That’s my desire in this city!

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