By Kenneth Harper, EBMS

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As I prepare for my journey to the Virgin Islands; I began to look for things to take with me. I knew that I would over think what I would pack for my trip but I remembered that I was told about the four “S’s” of style. When I arrived I saw blue skies, blue water, white sand, smelled exotic fruits and was greeted by January’s Model of the Month Jamar Scales.  I then came back to reality of me sitting in front of my computer looking at photographs of the Virgin Islands and talking on the phone with Jamar. It is my pleasure to introduce Jamar “Cacao” Scales to the world.  Mr. Scales is of Nigerian American decent from Los Angeles, California. He was raised in Cleveland, Ohio and just recently returned from a month long vacation in the Virgin Islands. He currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA. Jamar is a graduate of Slippery Rock University and Case Western University with a Bachelors as well as a Masters in Social Work.

I took some time tapping in to who Jamar “Cacao” Scales is as a model. His model character is “Cacao”. Cacao is the richest, smoothest, and purest form of what we know to be chocolate. Through this name he plans to create a legacy that stands on its own, stays true to its origin, and can never be duplicated. His modeling career in the bigger picture is about telling his story and serving as a role model for young men to inspire them to become the best man that they can possibly be.  His favorite type of modeling is print modeling because it’s his strongest point. However, he enjoys runway-modeling secondary to print modeling.   Cacao’s favorite clothing line is Express because “I love the way it fits me.”  He also stated “I’m an express kind of guy.” As we know in men’s fashion a nice pair of shoes completes a nice outfit from urban to formal. Cacao likes Aldo’s dress shoes, Chuck Taylor’s, Nikes, Jordan’s, and Gary Payton’s the Glove Shoes.  Cacao describes his style with the four “S’s”, which are Simple, Smooth, Sexy, and Speaks for itself.  His favorite photographers that he has worked with are Emanuel Phillips of Efex Photography (based out of the Virgin Islands), Toby Makinde of Makinde Photography (based out of Pittsburgh, PA), and Anthony Ficca (based out of Pittsburgh, PA) because they all have contributed to the development of Cacao, whether it was the amount of detail that they have incorporated to the picture, lighting, or development of the character Cacao; these are all characteristics of  active model development from a photographer’s perspective. Miyoshi Anderson, as well as Lamont Jones Jr., are also responsible for the development of Cacao.

I asked “Jamar, Who is the most influential person in you life ?”  He responds “My Pop.”  Jamar grew up in a deaf household and met his pop at age sixteen. This great man is influential to Jamar because he inspired him to be greater than who he was.  He believed in and encouraged Jamar to do many things including playing basketball for Slippery Rock University as well as continuing his education thereafter. This life experience has inspired Jamar to encourage and inspire other young men to be the best at whatever they choose to do in a positive manner.

As a model and a man, Jamar has to keep his mind and body in shape, so he has to do more than take a few pictures, few Efex Photographyrunways, and go to bed. In his spare time he plays basketball, runs, rests, does research and is an entrepreneur. There were two things that he does that really stuck out to me, which were listening to music, research, and entrepreneur. I asked, “ Jamar, What’s the top ten on your play list?”  He gives a sigh and repeated the question.  He says, “ Let me turn on iTunes. I have been on my Caribbean kick lately.” He then pauses, pulls up iTunes, and gives me his playlist:

1.     Nipsey Hustle—“You See Us”

2.     Drake—“The Language”

3.     Pusha T—“Sweet Serenade”

4.     Shurwayne Winchester—“Wine On It”

5.     The Game Feat. Kendrick Lamar—“ See No Evil”

6.     J. Cole—“ Cost Me A lot “

7.     T.I. Feat. Andre 3000—“ Sorry”

8.     Movado-Weed and Hennessy (Don’t judge, it’s a really catchy song lol)

9.     Rock City—“People Kill People”

10. Future—“How it was”

In order to be the best possible entrepreneur you have to constantly research everything from the material to the market. This research comes in to play especially when you are looking to distribute a unique and new product using resources that have already been created.  As an entrepreneur, Jamar and his business partners are working on a start-up company that will provide a way for everyone to save money on gas through shopping as well as going out to have a good time. This product is called FishBowl (fishbowl is one word). FishBowl encourages people to live their life without the limitation of the rising price of gas. Jamar invites everyone to sign up and participate at

Jamar would also like to invite everyone to like his page on Facebook: and follow him on Instagram: or @theecacao1.

Overall this interview was a success for and Urban Nerd Enterprises Inc., who would like to congratulate Jamar “Cacao” Scales on all of his accomplishments and to inspire him to keep doing his great work; on the runway, in the studio, and most importantly in his community. It is our pleasure to have Jamar Scales and Cacao as January’s PoPGH Model of the Month.