Mark Fletcher Jr. AKA Young Midas is a 27 year old R&B and Hip Hop Artist from Steubenville, OH, currently residing in Pittsburgh, PA. Since very young, Mark has been creating his own music and achieving success as a performer. On the night of October 19, 2013 Mark and his brother were involved in an automobile accident that would change Young Midas’ life forever.



Responding to a text, Mark let his attention drift from the road ahead of him to his cell phone. In that split second, he lost control of his vehicle, flipped the car multiple times, and ended up pinned between his car and the guard rail.
[quote]I hit send and I looked up at the road, but at that time it was too late. The next thing I remember is my brother coming up to me while I was on the guard rail. I grabbed him by his jacket and made him promise him to never leave me. He asked me to get up, but I couldn’t. Right then and there I was paralyzed.[/quote]
Mark knew immediately that his injuries were bad, but it wasn’t until he was life flighted to an ICU that he learned the extent of what that one text cost him.
[quote]I broke all but two ribs, I’m paralyzed from the nipples down, I broke my neck, my back and my sternum and I had lung damage. I obviously can’t walk. I can push myself in a wheel chair, and I’m in rehab to get better. [/quote]
Mark’s paralysis has left him unable to accomplish tasks that most take for granted. Even the act of relieving himself either requires assistance, or the aid of a catheter that he must administer himself.
[quote]You’re trapped inside your own body, you can’t move your own legs. Their yours, but you can’t control them.[/quote]
In light of all this, Mark remains positive, and maintains he will still pursue music once he is able to leave the hospital. More importantly, Mark is confident that no matter long it takes, he will walk again.
[quote]God has a lot more work for me left on this earth, and that’s why I’m not dead.  I will walk again. Whether it’s a year, two years, or ten years. Before I pass away, I will walk again.[/quote]


In an effort to save the lives of other drivers that text on the road, Mark enlisted some friends to get the content of this post together. Through research, his team found the It Can Wait campaign and decided to put together a video piece showing the impact texting and driving can have on your life, in the blink of an eye. Hopefully, Mark’s story has enough of an impact to save lives and prevent a tragedy like this from happening to someone else.

If you are interested in helping to support Midas through his music, the song Advantage that was used in the It Can Wait video can be found on Bandcamp. It is setup so that you decide the price. He also has a number of songs available on iTunes, Amazon and most of the other online distributors.


Please share this post with #itcanwait to commit to putting the phone down while you drive.