POPGH’s Marissa Lang caught up with What IPH for a 1 on 1 interview:

1. What is What IPH? And was does it stand for?

IPH stands for Ian Patrick Hill. Most people don’t realize it at first but, most of my clients figure it out after the first couple interactions

2. Who/what is KracKill$?

KracKill$ is the production side of the Studio that I run, What Iph?!? Studio. I have been getting into Electronic dance music (specifically the Trap and Hardstyle sub-genres). I see a huge up and coming fanbase and community for those sub-genres specifically in America. (Hardstyle has been popular elsewhere in the world for ages) So, I figured it would be logical to get a jump on the other producers in my area by learning and hopefully perfecting my ability to create great productions in the world of EDM

3. How long have you been producing?

I have been producing for about 10 yrs now. I’ll be 29 this year, and I have been making music related art for about half of my life. I love music in all it’s forms. There is something pure about the emotions they induce in people that makes it so intriguing to me. I’m so interested in the psychology of how we interpret sound, and I actively pursue knowledge in the field. It will be a part of me and my Daughter’s life forever if things go the way I plan. It has allowed me to stop hustling whatever I could get my hands on and pursue a life that wont ultimately end in jail.

4. What is your favorite part about recording other artists?1966239_631169566930623_1561004433_o

I guess it would be the amount of variety I get to see on a daily basis. I mainly record Hip-Hop, but I also record anything from Rnb to Hardcore Screamers for Metal Bands. I also get to see the progression of taste/trend in music cultures, so much so that it sort of helps put me ahead of the curve as far as how to find what the people will like and what they are looking for in terms of mixing and mastering techniques and styles.

5. Any plans for the future?

Yes. Much. I have been looking for serious investors for opening a bigger studio under the new ‘What Iph Media’ Brand. I have a few lined up, I have just been tracking sales for this 4th quarter so that I can show and present sustainability as a business as well as the huge amount of growth that What Iph?!? Studio has been seeing recently in both brand reach and monetary income.

6. What made you want to open your own studio?

I always loved stereo equipment. And especially love bass. So i began messing around with FL Studio (production software that I obtained illegally at the time) and realized that I was pretty good at recognizing rhythms in music and recreating them. Then I started to create alot of my own (My first beats) and although i loved em, nobody would listen to them for more than 30 seconds. hahaha. It was pitiful. So I began writing my own raps to them. real simple stuff. And went to a friends studio to start recording them. But, it was hard to get free time out of someone that is busy getting paid to do what your asking them to do for free….. Which led to me borrowing some equipment that he wasn’t using. I started recording myself, then it led to recording friends. When that became to be too much time, I started charging, and the rest is history.

600866_379003095480606_463999234_n7. What kind of equipment do you use?

I use a computer with Pro tools 10. I use mainly Reason and a slew of Soft Synths to produce most things. other than that, the mic i use is pretty run of the mill, along with the other outboard equipment. My studio is very minimal, and almost all recordings start with no signal processing, giving you a more ‘true to life’ representation of what the client naturally sounds like

8. What is your favorite genre of music to work with?

My favorite genre is Electronic driven music. by that I mean anything that uses heavy synthesizers and bass along with high energy melodies. I love hip-hop also. it has been the staple of my studio’s production catalog for a long time. However, nothing beats the many ways you can express yourself through electronic dance music and it’s many styles. I show many different Electronic and POP Styles on the upcoming ‘KracKill$: POPular kidz” album. many of which are fusions of the familiar sounds currently being heard across the world. Lots of hip-hop style flow and dance style instrumentals and Hooks.

9. Who is someone you would like to work with in the future?894587_661711870543059_4591018357548480400_o

I guess i used to have a dream artist that i would have loved to work with, but now, I sort of take pride in seeing the untapped talent in Pittsburgh. There are so many talented individuals that strive to be better that it’s a shame most might never make it due to everything being Pop music now. But there are a few out there whom are keeping it completely original who i believe have a chance if they just continue to reach for their goals. Namely Lazy JP and Barz Blackman. Two artists I’ve worked closely with since pretty much the beginning of the studio. And also an artist named Phoenix Murphy that may soon become a partner in a much bigger music related venture aimed at shining light on a lot of the great talent that gets swept under the rug.

10. POPGH stands for People of Pittsburgh Going Hard. How would you say that you go hard for your city?

If half of these artists had the backing that sum of the manicured and manufactured artists out now, they could easily set Pittsburgh apart in terms of originality and style. I have faith in anyone that is willing to work for their goals and will do almost anything to help an artist out. that has been a large part of the studio’s mission. To give those like me that couldn’t afford a big name studio a big name sound at half the price. We go hard for the indie artist, and without a doubt What Iph Media will make dreams come true in regards to sound and production.

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