The Pittsburgh music industry just gained another dope artist, Mike Hitt. His new album, “Middle Class Millionaire The Album”, was released on July 22, and it was well worth the wait. This is deffinetly one of my favorite albums out of Burgh this year. It’s noticable that Mike wasn’t playing around with this album, it is a hard and respectable album. The lyrics on, “Middle Class Millionaire The Album”, are straight up and honest lyrics, about life and its experiences, as well as successes and living life no matter what happens. “Middle Class Millionaire The Album” has a very distinct sound and lyrics, no generic anything on this album. There is no artist that I have heard that I can compare with Mike. He used very original beats and sounds, things most wouldn’t think of using, like in the song, “I Want It All”. As well as Mike, ” Middle Class Millionaires The Album” features many artists such as, J.R., Nova, Ajay Rock, Basick Sickness,MasterMind, Young Roe, Throwback, Slim, and Evan Thorsen. So make sure to pick up, listen, download, borrow, or whatever you need to get your hands on “Middle Class Mil

lionaires The Album”. As well as listening to Mikes album, send him some love and feedback. Send him a friend request on Facebook, like his page on Facebook, Follow him on Twitter (@HITTofMCM), and check him out on his website,

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1. While creating, “Middle Class Millionaire,” what was your main goal in?

The whole process My main strength in music is as not only a producer, but someone who just puts the right things in the right places and makes it sound right. I wanted to really reinforce and highlight that ability by creating a project showcasing that. Sort of a producer calling card with a bit of a personal touch.

2. As “Middle Class Millionaire” is coming more near to its release date, how are you feeling?

I feel like I have come to another mile marker in my many adventures in music. This album is a culmination of all my years and all my time and all my soaked up knowledge of audio up to this point, its exciting.

3. Being from Pittsburgh, as well as working in the music industry here, do you think your album is at an advantage in being noticed?

I think ALL artists come into the playing field with equal opportunity. I wouldn’t say I have an advantage, but I would say I am prepared for opportunity.

4. After “Middle Class Millionaire,” are you syked for another album?

As I said, this was a showcase and calling card as to what it is I do. After this look for me to have a hand in a lot of other releases outside of solo work. I am more excited for the upcoming projects I have with others then I am to do another solo one. I made this one to ride for awhile.

5. While making “Middle Class Millionaire,” what was your most memorable moment?

Wow…I wouldn’t say A moment, but my favorite type of moment, was every time a new feature came into to work on there particular song. Every song was made from the ground up, no soundclick beats, no outside production, and most of the artists I worked with was for the first time. So the look on there face when it was done, was ALWAYS priceless. You can hear them all tell their side of the story at right on the front page.

6. What do you hope to come from the release of “Middle Class Millionaire”?

It is another brick in the house that is HITT of MCM and Middle Class Millionaire. I hope it to continue to help gravitate much great talent to me for there visions.

7. Where did your lyrics for “Middle Class Millionaire” originate?

From everything that is around me. I am not so much a conscious rapper as I am a CONTENT WRITER. I like to frame a circumstance through audio and hopefully touch as many different people as I can.

8. Was producing and engineering others albums helpfull to you when making “Middle Class Millionaire”?

Yes. All moments make you better and better and better. And even after Middle Class Millionaire The Album, I will be able to apply more knowledge that I learned to future projects. Its all a constant journey.

9. If “Middle Class Millionaire” goes hard in the music industry, what can we expect to see from you and your career?

I think regardless of any certain labeled level of success, you will continue to see me grow as artist and as a business man. I have always been about the journey. It keeps me busy till the inevitable end.

10. Do you think there is any better place to release you

first album, “Middle Class Millionaire” other than Pittsbu

Yes, that is why we will be releasing it worldwide through all digital distributors, but to have Pittsburgh be the factory of my product is the greatest feeling in the world. IM SO BURGH.

11. Do you think your studio, “MCM”, will benefit from your album?

Yes, I think all facets of audio production that I and Middle Class Millionaire provide will benefit. It will be the calling card I described earlier, thus fulfilling its purpose. For this particular circumstance, I want to take this time to shout out all the artists featured on the album, JR WRITER, MASTERMIND, YOUNG ROE, EVAN THORSEN, AJAY ROCK, THROWBACK, NOVA, SLIM STARIO,BASICK SICKNESS, My Dudes @NickBEMCM, Vinnie Bones and Moe Jacks for holding me down during the process and all the clients who do record at MCM STUDIOS, we help each other stay sharp, we are each others music trainers. I also wanna thank everyone who supports the music and the Middle Class Millionaire Mindset, LOVE LIFE, LIVE RICH-3LR. And finally thank you for the opportunity, I love what POPGH.COM is doing for artists and wish you great success. Much Love. | Twitter @HITTofMCM FaceBook: HITTofMCM




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