HITT of Middle Class Millionaire has dropped his new album “Data Recovery”. Shelbie of POPGH.com had the

pleasure of interviewing HITT about the new album and more.

1) What was you objective when you started work on Data Recovery?

To further expand my vision as a Producer/Writer/Engineer/Director

2) What data did you want to uncover in or through this album?

I want to unravel another layer of myself for the fan

3) Was there a certain theme that you wanted to get across with this album?

I wanted to hopefully give the listener a better idea as to what it is I do.

4) On your Data Recovery music videos, what message did you want to

get across?

The videos were meant to be relatable and convey many messages. I will let the viewer take from it what they may.

5) What element of this album took the most time to perfect?

The element that took the longest was the features. It’s always difficult working around two different schedules to make things happen, but it all worked out and I am glad it did.

6) What did you enjoy most about this album?

My favorite part of working on this album was definitley the obvous growth and evolution of my sound.

7) How much time did you spend on Data Recovery?

I spent about 3-6 months total between all the audio work and all the video work.

8/9) What are you thoughts of Data Recovery? What are your thoughts after finishing Data Recovery? What’s next?

My thoughts on Data Recovery is I don’t want it to fly low under the radar and get missed. They say the biggest part of music is the business, so that has been a huge focus of mine currently and for the future.

10) At the end of the day, could you picture your life without music?

Music is my job, my passion, my purpose for myself and others, so no…music is the only way.