521684_10151229391719894_2066445985_nThe Popgh team has heavy hearts today as we pray for the recovery of one of our own, Young Midas. Midas was in a terrible car accident resulting in him being immediately taken to the hospital and underwent major surgery. While we all have Midas in our prayers and thoughts, we personally want to reach out to you, our loyal fans and followers, to help us raise money for not only a friend but a family member. The medical bills are going to be stifling and we don’t want Midas to feel pressure to rush his recovery due to these bills. So, Popgh, is here to help, and we’re asking for your help as well. Most of you have probably heard Midas and experienced first-hand how talented of an individual he is. What Popgh wants to do, with Pittsburgh’s help, is for you to download his music. His album, a single, anything and everything helps. Family is very important to us here at Popgh and we want to give back to a person who has brought so much light and music into our lives. It’s going to be a long road to recovery for Midas, but we want to make sure that he’s able to concentrate on that recovery. So we are calling on you, Pittsburgh, to help us in this endeavor and to please keep Midas in your prayers for us. We have Midas’ music linked below so you can go directly to iTunes and help. Thank you all for your support and help during this troubling time.

Young Midas on iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/young-midas/id381886855

Share good words to @youngmidas7 or  Facebook.com/youngmidas740