You can’t be following the Pittsburgh Underground music scene and not run into this crew.   For the past year and a half they have been been murdering the stage.   They recently took 1st Place at Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe for the On My Grind Talent Showcase.

1) One thing I always notice and appreciate about the grimey click is that you are often standing front and center supporting the acts on stage. Who stands out in the burgh to you right now?

We are feeling a lot of different groups right now but the ones who stand out are Frat Gang, Justuce Street Poets, GNE, L.S.E, and Afficial Family Click. Solo artists such as Hardo, Yungn Voorheez, HollyHood, Yung Bru & Fatal, Camp Yola, and Owey.

2) The grimey click is made up of artists from different areas of the city. What brought you all together as artists?

Hard Times. We got to know each other as teens and all of us rapped, so we finally decided to take it serious after 2 members of our group passed away. We feel like we got to make it for them. Rest in PEACE Sincere & Banger.

3) I heard there’s some solo projects to be expected. Who and when can we get a dose of the solos?

We are currently working on our second group mixtape and at the same time every member of the group is working on solo mixtapes. Ruger Rome will most likely be the first to drop.

4) Your music tells it’s own story but to sum it up for our readers, what message do you want to be most heard in your lyrics?

It seems todays rap music is all about money, jewelry, and nice cars. We don’t come from that, we come from the bottom so you can hear the struggle thru our lyrics. WE ARE JUST CHASING A DREAM.1150619_1397919603766501_713845347_o

5) I have seen mention that you do this for your kids not personal wealth. Do your kids listen to and support your music?

Although our lyrics are way to explicit for kids to hear, we still catch our kids singing along. We can tell that they support us.

6) One line that sticks out for me in your lyrics is “fuck living average.” Do you feel you are well on your way to being above average?

You DAMN right! We came along way… we have been murdering stages all over the burgh for the past year in a half, and it’s good to finally start getting some recognition.

7) I recently read an article on today’s mainstream HipHop being dumbed down. What’s your opinion on this?

We feel like the real music isn’t being heard, you rarely hear about the struggles of trying to make it out here, all you hear now is about how much money they got and how expensive their car is…whatever happened to the REAL shit?????

1538907_1500433513515109_86101548_n8) What music other than local HipHop do you find yourself listening to?

We still listen to a lot of old shit, but this year I’m feelin the whole MMG, such as Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and Wale. But we also listen to a lot of Wayne & T.I. But we love the old cash money shit, the old no limit shit, and of course the old state property shit cause beanie sigel was always one of our favorites.

9) Does the click have any hobbies outside of music that they enjoy?

Man we love the nightlife, you can catch us in the clubs, bars, and any where there is music playing, we are young, we are just trying to live.

10) Popgh stands for people of Pittsburgh going hard. How do you go hard for your city?

Man, we were all born and raised in Pittsburgh, so any group that performs in Pittsburgh we support to the fullest, we are trying to put on for the burgh cause we feel other cities don’t hear the best of Pittsburgh.

There are 5 members of Grimey Click: Ruger Rome, Dizzy Young, Elle Ninyo, Joey Fattz, and Steve Streets (who is currently doing time.)

In 2006, we lost a very big part of our group when Sincere died & 9 months later we lost another big dog of the group, his name was Banger…We do this for THEM!!!!!!!!