By Kenneth Harper, EBMS
I received an invite to go on a date with someone who knows me better than I thought. Many times I have declined this date due to our strict schedules but this time she gave me an offer I could not refuse. She set up a date at the library; is there not a more nerdy place to go on a date? Being the nerd that I am I had no choice b71975_105445162854048_477842_nut to go. I awaited on the steps of the library in deep thought of what my first words were going to be. Then she showed up and before I can say anything she said “ Let’s go to the baseball field.” And I said “Let’s Play Ball!!!” As we arrived at Willie Stargell Field the mood was set and the wind blew at a comfortable pace. This meant that the time was right for me to take some time to get to know February’s POPGH Model of the Month Mizz Storm. Mizz Storm is a music artist, performer, and model who is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In just 3 intense yet simple words she identifies herself as loyal, bold, and strong. If I could say the least this barely scratches the surface; I would need a whole reality series to even begin to go beyond the surface of Mizz Storm.

Then I thought what a brilliant idea… Mizz Storm having a reality television series? This series would be called “Goin’ Stormy” which would be starring Mizz Storm. This series would encompass the comedy and seriousness of her life as well as the amount of effort that she puts into being the best at everything that she puts her mind to. This show would feature :

Lady Homi because she motivates and keeps Mizz Storm on her toes.

Nana because she’s 97 years old and “keeps it real”.

Crazy Mother in order to add drama, comedy , love, and more drama.

Big brother Joey Jesus because “the ladies think he’s Jesus”

Lil Bro Rico because they are the “bi-polar team”

Star because that’s Mizz Storm’s best friend and when they are together there are nothing but good times.

We then explored a possible soundtrack for “Goin Stormy” based on her top 10 favorite songs.

  1. Dress for the Occaision by The Whirlwind ft. Mizz Storm
  2. Thought He was Ya Homie by Lil Brucey
  3. Out on These Streets by Lil Brucey
  4. In My Head by Mizz Storm
  5. Dividends by Lady Homi
  6. Deep by M. Tomlin
  7. Dead Homies by Y.T, Triz
  8. Last Night byt Y.T. Triz
  9. I Smile by Kirk Franklin
  10. Lord Forgive Them by Louie V. Gutta

After we discussed Mizz Storm’s future fantasy television presence we began discussing her modeling career and she explained that her motivation to model was Ms. Tracy Holt of “Tracy’s Place” located in37208_105445696187328_74339_n
Homestead, PA. Through her journey in becoming the best model possible she has a bias to runway and print modeling. Through this journey she has had the ability to work with many photographers and in her experience Mitchell Tommy Hall is her favorite photographer to work with. Her runway and print experience has led her to various opportunities to be featured in an array of music videos. She is most recently featured in Ira Soul’s music video “ I Just Wanna Love You”

Mizz Storm went on to discuss her greatest accomplishment in life and to note its not anything remotely to modeling. She decided to tell me a story about when she was in the 6th grade and encouraged to enter a poetry contest. Even though she though the poem was “corny” it was amazing enough to be declared the winner. As her prize Mizz Storm was granted the opportunity to meet the late and great Poet Maya Angelou. Through Mizz Storm’s journey to success including the obstacles we can agree with the words of Maya Angelou “… But still, like air, I rise.”

Overall this interview was a success for and Urban Nerd Enterprises inc., who would like to congratulate Mizz Storm on all of her accomplishments. It is our pleasure to have Mizz Storm as February’s POPGH Model of the Month.