By Kenneth Harper, EBMS

Désirée School Girl PhotoAs I sit in Starbucks awaiting an evening that will galvanize a new beginning for multiple people and prepare for an interview with November’s PoPGH model of the month, Désirée Phillips. I suddenly look up and saw that red was going to be the color of the evening; with her red car, red Jordan sneakers, and red accents. Red, is the color of power and passion.  Désirée walks into Starbucks with her most powerful runway walk and gets her favorite cup of coffee from the menu. Then she sits at the table and tells me how passionate about this interview she was. It is now my pleasure to introduce Désirée Phillips to the world.  Miss Phillips is currently a graduate student at Point Park University, studying Mass Communications and Journalism with a 3.3 QPA, and will be graduating December 13, 2013 with a Masters in Mass Communications and Journalism.

I took some time tapping into who Désirée truly is as a person. Aside from school she is involved with many extracurricular activities which include being a member of the Women’s Success Network, doing free lance work in journalism and mass communications for multiple local businesses, music artists, and other large companies, attending events for Public Relations Society of America, and most importantly Désirée’s Professional Development Club known as So Lucky, LLC.  In order to get to know a person they must open up and tell you about their self. Désirée chose three words that best describe her; which were outgoing, explosive, and blunt/straight forward. She can be quite explosive to the point of others sharing the same passion with her by the time she’s done explaining her point of view.   Through tapping into Désirée’s personality I was able to give her the opportunity to reach over, and grab my heart from my chest, and control my feelings. In fact she did just that by telling me about why she awards her mother Teresa Douglass as the most influential person in her life mainly because she is more than just her mom; she is her best friend and she is inspired by her mother’s ambition and drive. Mrs. Douglass gave Désirée the tools she needs for life by teaching her priceless lessons in life that Désirée uses to mentor others. Désirée said, “I can be a great version of me and represent her (Teresa Douglass),” and her ultimate goal in life is to be able to give back to little girls who are in a “whack” situation similar to what is familiar with because of how dynamic and explosive her own life is.  She also said, “If I had billions of dollars I would pump it back into my city (Pittsburgh, PA).”

And then she tells me that everyone should have his or her daily dose of laughter.  In order to have that, we begin to talk about how to achieve that very thing, and start to discuss… fashion and her modeling career; to break the ice and mention that her favorite clothing lines are Juicy Couture, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Ralph Lauren. Although the bulk of her modeling career has been glamour, commercial and prints, since 2004; she has fallen in love with runway. We can all say that it may suck to be a hanger of someone else’s rags, but when you are the selling point for the garments; then the ball is in your court. Runway is her favorite part of modeling because she likes to be the center of attention and as she says, “Runway is when the clothes come alive.” Through her runway experience she found that Cherie Jackson’s line called Cherish by Cherie is her favorite local line and designer because as Désirée says, “Cherie is the sweetest person ever…” and “her clothes fit me perfect.”

In order to add to the fun I started throwing curve balls and I wanted to see how well she could play left field.  I asked no sports questions, just fun stuff.  A couple things that are very interesting to ask a model about are music and movies.  I then called Desiree to the home plate and I asked for her top ten favorite songs.  She looks at me with the pink clouds from a relaxing sunset depicted in her eyes, pulls out her Galaxy S4 with a smile, and digs for her top ten favorite songs.  In no particular order they are:

  1. Beauty by Fabolous and Wale
  2. F**k Em All by Mac Miller
  3. Hands on the Wheel by School Boy Q and A$AP Rocky
  4. I Love It by Cassie Featuring Fabolous
  5. Money Trees by Kendrick Lamar
  6. B.B. by Lola Monroe
  7. From Time by Drake
  8. Work by Iggy Azalea
  9. The Zone by The Weeknd featuring Drake
  10. Butterflies by Alicia Keys

I could have taken the easy road out and asked Désirée what her favorite movies were, but I would’ve felt that would have been a total cop out. So I put her life in a movie and asked her to name the cast.

The cast of her life movie entitled Lucky Number 13 stars:

Kyla Pratt as Désirée Phillips

Tom Hanks as her dad William Douglass Jr.

Jada Pinkett-Smith as her mom Teresa Douglass

Tristan Wilds as her “Bestie” London Purter

Logan Browning as her best friend she nicknamed “The love of my life” Courtney Carlisle

Pooch Hall as her boyfriend Brian “Noodle” Underwood


I am pretty sure that this epic interview will also go into Lucky Number 13, though there were a few distractions during the course of this interview; I can say the most uplifting part of it all was seeing how humbled and open Désirée was to accepting a stranger into our conversation. Overall this interview was a total Grand Slam for PoPGH and Urban nerd Enterprises Inc. who would like to congratulate Désirée on all of her achievements, and it is our pleasure to have Miss Désirée Phillips as November’s PoPGH Model of the Month.


(Photo Credit) Taken by Tyrus “Fautaugraufy” Faulcon (email: