1525324_794456757237233_1811212911_n1.) What mediums do you work with and which do you prefer?

I paint, sculpt, draw and photograph…but I’ll use anything in a piece, or combine all of the mediums together to make a piece. I’m a garbage artist, LOL. I love found objects and incorporating those into a piece. Honestly, it’s hard to pick a favorite medium, but painting is what I’m working on the most as of right now.

2.) Are there any public spaces that we can find your work?

I have a few pieces at Boksenbaum Fine Art Gallery in Squirrel Hill and also, a few pieces at The New Bohemian on the Northside.

3.) I really like the style of your pencil drawings mounted over news burnclippings. How do you go about distressing the work you have created for this technique?

I start with a finished drawing, and then I crumble it up, set parts of it on fire, and then soak it in coffee. The paper breaks down, gets super soft and fragile. At that point I let it dry, and repeat the process until I get the look I want. Sometimes I’ll tweak the coffee with a little bit of acrylic paint. I also have used brewed tea as a dye for my pieces.

4.) You mention on your website that you have worked with various artists and musicians. Anyone we may know?

Christina Springer, Phat Man Dee, Ricardo Iamuuri, Vie Boheme, Guaracha Latin Dance Band, and Jacquea Mae and there are other future projects I have lined up with incredible Pittsburgh talents. I’ve been lucky to work with these people! It might have been a photograph or a flyer design or a drawing, I did for them, regardless, and things I’ve learned from them will be a part of me for life.


5.) Have you include yourself in the images you have created?

Yes. I use myself all the time in my pieces. I’m my most accessible resource! So my hand could be in a drawing, my expression in another…etc. I do have pieces that are blatantly me. True self portraits. Like my “Medusa” piece.

6.) Where did your interest for art begin?

What I can remember is drawing a lot at home. I knew I could draw, but I didn’t know I was good until kindergarten. Some girl in my class threatened to beat the shit out of me if I didn’t give her my snowman picture in trade for hers. Apparently mine was awesome. I gave it to her. But when I took her snowman home to my Mom, she still loved it. LOL!

7.) What other hobbies or interests do you have?

I love comics. I’m a Wolverine fan. I don’t buy them as I used to, but the art is incredible to me. I love the fantasy of comic-books, I get a lot of my influence from comic-book style art. I also love plus size fashion and self love. I have Facebook page that promotes that exact concept. I’m a plus size woman and want to help other women like me, to be proud of themselves, and understand their beauty is real and not just a number.

8.) What accomplishments are you most proud of at this point in your artistic career?geisha

I would say overcoming not being able to use my right hand (my dominant hand) for months. Being without my art made me crazy, but it also made me realize that I have to work even harder. So without that struggle, I’d have no accomplishments. I think my low points are my proudest moments. Those are the times you have to climb from the bottom and actually reach to get out. Working hard to get to this point is the main accomplishment. The other would be having my first real show. I still get goose-bumps about that!

9.) Are there any other local artists that you are a fan of that we should check out?

My favorite right now is Billy Pilgrim/Rashad Jamaal. He just had a show last month, called On Record: an art show. I also really like Keith Schmiedlin, Kara Zuzu, Ziggy Sawdust, and photographer Zos Xavius.

jezabelwm10.) POPGH stands for People of Pittsburgh Going Hard. How do you go hard for your city?

I’ve got a few pieces that rep PGH! I have some of my PGH work on products on Zazzle. I also am the Artistic Director of Elevenfiftysix1156, which is Pittsburgh based. I always go hard for PGH, but now I’m getting closer to being in a forum to show the world that I rep my city! So keep your eyes peeled for me! You’ll see how hard I go for PGH!



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