By Kenneth Harper, EBMS

courtneynoelleIf you own or have heard Wiz Khalifa’s latest album entitled O.N.I.F.C. or you have attended Wiz Khalifa’s 2050 tour, you should be familiar with Taylor Gang artist Courtney Noelle.  Are you still stumped or not a Taylor Gang connoisseur yet? Let us give you a hint  “Whatever you want boy I got it got it. Got everything you need ain’t no doubt about it. I’m every where you be; I can’t see you without me….” That’s right! Wiz Khalifa featured Courtney Noelle on his single entitled “Got Everything”. Now that we all are up to speed on who Courtney Noelle is… We can now jump into the main topic of discussion.

On January 31, 2014 Courtney Noelle hosted a listening party for her upcoming mixtape entitled “Love on the Run” at Enigma Lounge in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Entering the venue was a sight that was just drop dead gorgeous; pink lights, pink diamonds, pink candy and pink cupcakes. All of this pink at this event symbolized her support for the Young Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation. At this event a few of the other Taylor Gang music artists and Taylor Gang affiliates graced the red carpet to include Taylor Gang Producer Ricky P, Taylor Gang Artist Chevy Woods, Taylor Gang DJ GQ and Boaz. This was the first event Courtney Noelle has ever planned for her music. She took the necessary steps to ensure that every detail that she envisioned was in place. She and I understand the same value in event planning “If you want something done right, you will do it yourself.” This event was by far humbly amazing. Courtney Noelle complimented her own event by taking time out to greet everyone as well as made time and altered her schedule to be interviewed by all of the media present.

Speaking of media… I had the opportunity to interview Courtney Noelle.  She is currently the only female Taylor Gang 20140131_231658Artist.  When asked about how she got into music; Courtney Noelle stated” I have always been into music. “  She then explained that her uncle got her involved in music by playing multiple instruments at a young age. As Courtney Noelle has grown in music, she has been inspired by various female music artists to include Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Billie Holiday, Sade and Beyonce. Courtney Noelle went to on explain that she is inspired by each artist for various reasons to include display of confidence which was credited to Beyonce, Sade taught her how to write about her feelings, and Mariah Carey just because she writes all of her own music and has control over everything that she does. Courtney Noelle’s music goal is to put the feeling of music back in to the mix of R&B music. In five years Courtney Noelle plans to be headlining her own tour and writing music for other artists.

We have gotten to know Courtney Noelle on a professional note; Lets get to know her on a personal note. Courtney Noelle currently has personal assistants that assist her whenever and wherever she may need help. All personal assistants are her best friends and family because she believes in maintaining a strong bond of love in everything that she does. Courtney Noelle understands that she may need to move away from having friends and family work for her and begin to trust strangers that can benefit her movement more than those that she has currently on her team. For her this level of understanding has to be understood by everyone else involved that as stated by Courtney Noelle herself “ I am fine as long as I can keep my best friends and family around.”

I had the opportunity to ask a question that was on my mind for as long as I heard the song “Got Everything”. The question was “What is it like working with Wiz Khalifa?” Courtney Noelle went on to explain that Wiz Khalifa is like a brother and mentor to her. She and Wiz Khalifa had been recording since she was sixteen. She added that she had been featured on more songs by Wiz Khalifa to include “Bankroll” from his mixtape entitled “Star Power”.  The next question was “What was the experience like to be able to hear yourself on a nationally distributed album?” Courtney Noelle explained that to have the opportunity and experience of writing and recording on a nationally distributed album is unexplainable.  She went on to discuss her single “Love on the Run” had aired for the first time on January 31,2014 on Pittsburgh, Pa radio station 96.1 Kiss FM. She explained that hearing her own song on the radio for the first time brought tears of joy to her eyes and that this was an experience that she was able to share with her mother at the time that it happened.

20140131_224239As Courtney Noelle was wrapping up the interview I noticed her dress and I thought that if I didn’t ask at least one fashion question I would be doing my readers an injustice. Her dress was black and white with a Campbell’s Tomato Soup Can print. Hmm what artist created that? The Pittsburgh native Andy Warhol.  I asked her about her dress and she told me that she had her dress made for the event. She also stated that her dress was both Pittsburgh and Andy Warhol inspired.

As the night matured, love and people filled the lounge in anticipation for Courtney Noelle’s midnight performance.  She took the stage and greeted everyone. The crowed gathered, cheered and showed the utmost respect for Courtney Noelle. She performed her featured single “Love on the Run”.  She then brought Chevy Woods on stage to perform their song entitled “Libra“ which is also on her upcoming mixtape entitled “Love on the Run”.

“Love on the Run” mixtape will be available for download on February 14, 2014 on her website, Follow Courtney Noelle on Twitter and Instagram at @CNBBRAND.