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Who is? / Page 2

Who is Tyler Minear and what is Up The Ante?

9 March 2014

1. So get us up to speed on your web series Up The Ante. Where did it begin? Welllllll, I have been telling myself to start a channel for nearly 2 years but never started just because it’s an overwhelming thing to get into at first! However, I made a resolution to myself that at […]

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Who is HollyHood (refresh)?

1 March 2014

A few years ago, we did a who is HollyHood written by POPGHs younger writer Joe Connor (now 15). I thought it was time to get back in her head for a refresher! 1.) So we need to refer to you as Dr. HollyHood now from what I hear. What degrees do you currently have […]

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Who is Grimey Click?

20 February 2014

You can’t be following the Pittsburgh Underground music scene and not run into this crew.   For the past year and a half they have been been murdering the stage.   They recently took 1st Place at Pittsburgh’s Hard Rock Cafe for the On My Grind Talent Showcase. 1) One thing I always notice and […]

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Who is Hakim Rasheed?

7 February 2014

Who do you give credit to for your interest in singing at an early age? I have to say my mother, who was a prominent Jazz Singer in the city of Pittsburgh. The first record that made me want to be a singer though was Boyz II Men’s “It’s so hard to say goodbye to […]

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Who is Bill Dorsey?

30 January 2014

By Zach Schaffer Photography This is Bill. Bill is originally from Pittsburgh, but he lived in Louisville, Kentucky for a portion of his life. He is happy to be back in Pittsburgh now. Bill was born blind, and grew up with the church playing a big part in his life. He actually memorized most of […]

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Who is Seamus McLarkin and what did he do with Tom Larkin?

26 January 2014

Tom Larkin now known as Seamus McLarkin is entering the Pittsburgh music scene from a new angle. Many of you know him for his skills behind a camera. He’s now coming at us behind a mic as a rapper. He has mad a bold claim that he’s the next Macklemore. I also seen mentioned that […]

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Who is Charlotte Glynn?

25 January 2014

1.) Born in New York, What ties you to Pittsburgh and your interest to create movies that take place in or around Pittsburgh? My family moved to Pittsburgh when I was 12 so I went to middle school and high school in Pittsburgh – Reizenstein & Allderdice. I’m attaching an essay I wrote about my […]

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Who is Danielle Robinson?

16 January 2014

1.) What mediums do you work with and which do you prefer? I paint, sculpt, draw and photograph…but I’ll use anything in a piece, or combine all of the mediums together to make a piece. I’m a garbage artist, LOL. I love found objects and incorporating those into a piece. Honestly, it’s hard to pick […]

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Who is Prinse Tay?

5 January 2014

Pittsburgh has a lot of artists. What other artists from the burgh would you like to work with? I would like to work with Asco100K, Meez, FTR and Tolly Bandz, they are in my lyrical group. How has having a father as an artist influenced you and what have you learned from him that you […]

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Jamar Scales : A Cup of Hot Cacao

5 January 2014

By Kenneth Harper, EBMS As I prepare for my journey to the Virgin Islands; I began to look for things to take with me. I knew that I would over think what I would pack for my trip but I remembered that I was told about the four “S’s” of style. When I arrived I […]

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