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Who is?

Who is Machete Kutz?

21 February 2017

1. Originally from California, what brought you to the burgh? (guess I messed up on my research.) I’m actually not from California, sorry to burst your bubble lol. I was born in Toledo Ohio, but have lived in California, Texas, little time in Las Vegas. it’s actually a funny story, i had flipped a 1989 […]

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Who is William Weyes?

11 February 2015

Tell us about your name William Weyes! Well, my middle name is Wiliam so that’s where that comes from haha. As far as Weyes (which people say wrong all the time) (it’s “wise”) I try to keep my lyrics true, and itellectual anything you hear in a record is true. Erie born and raised what […]

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Goin Stormy: A Date With Mizz Storm

4 February 2015

By Kenneth Harper, EBMS I received an invite to go on a date with someone who knows me better than I thought. Many times I have declined this date due to our strict schedules but this time she gave me an offer I could not refuse. She set up a date at the library; is […]

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Who is Durty?

19 October 2014

1.) When did you get your start as an urban graffiti artist? I really started with this doing the urban/graffiti style about a year ago. I would say that I’m more urban artist than graffiti a graffiti artist. I work mainly in stencils, and I make my own stencils to get them how I want […]

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Who is What IPH?

10 October 2014

POPGH’s Marissa Lang caught up with What IPH for a 1 on 1 interview: 1. What is What IPH? And was does it stand for? IPH stands for Ian Patrick Hill. Most people don’t realize it at first but, most of my clients figure it out after the first couple interactions 2. Who/what is KracKill$? […]

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Who is Tom Larkin?

17 August 2014

1.) So Tom where did all this recent energy and creativity come from? Not saying you wasn’t creative before but I’ve been seeing your creative thinking up a few notches. A few very heavy and life changing personal situations put me out of commission for a lot of last year. Even though i put out […]

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4 August 2014

BY: Lonnie Syke At the tender age of 5 Stevie b grew up playing the drumset in church. The beginning of his musical talents were displayed when he began traveling with jazz and gospel bands. During his high school years he attended Taylor Allderice high school. Stevie B didn’t play any sports in high school. […]

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Who is Jasmine Tate?

25 July 2014

I personally first heard Jasmine Tate at the Pittsburgh Underground Music Awards and was a fan ever since. Popghs own Hail Mary had the opportunity to catch up with Jasmine for an interview. 1. How long have you been playing guitar? I’ve been playing the guitar for four years and some change. I definitely have […]

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New Artist to RARE Nation: Detroit’s Adam Reverie with “Black Boy Out In Poverty”

11 April 2014

The Story: Sometimes an artist has a sound and you can instantly tell they need to be heard.  That’s the impression that Detroit’s Adam Reverie had on RARE Nation.  We initially linked with Reverie via Twitter thanks to MTV’s Rob Markman and our artist Ads Antalik.  We quickly saw Reverie as one of the best […]

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3 April 2014

By Celeste Scott “The moment when you let ego takeover is the moment when things start going wrong.” “Most known unknown person in Pittsburgh.” “One thing I learned- there is NO AGE LIMIT on success.” These are a mere sampling of the many gems that I encountered while interviewing HITTofMCM (Middle Class Millionaires). The mastermind […]

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