This video was 4 years in the making, brilliantly shot by Shane Gallup, (@sprngbreakswiss) this visual captures the very essence of the emotions that went into the song. Today being C.H.R.I.S.’s mothers birthday (Jan 17th)…this release is the best way he could honor her…with his art…which she never got to hear.

Pittsburgh Artist C.H.R.I.S. Mitchell (Coordinating Higher Riches Infinitely Shining) created this song for his first project (Daydreams of a Sleepwalker) and it has been the epitome of what drives his art, in that music has been his refuge from the harsh realities the life has thrown him, which he makes into beautiful depictions of pain that we all can relate to, as well as, learn how to build from.

With production from (MAZIK beats) that lays the perfect foundation for this heartfelt song, and eloquent and POWERFUL vocals from (Jewelle) who assisted in the creation of this song, you are sure to see a glimpse inside this artist’s heart. Recorded at TOP FLOOR STUDIOS on the West End with (JC of the Finest) the work from all parties involved shines through.