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Are you attracted to someone in your place of business? Do you want to date but may be scared of the outcome of a breakup? Have you thought that just maybe things will be able to work out?

A lot of people have had these thoughts at least once. The people who actually went through with it can relate. Business and pleasure can be mixed on certain grounds. Both parties need to share in the same interests. Both need to be on the level of success. If you are a successful business man or woman and your mind frame has always been set to succeed in life no matter what the circumstances may be, then mixing business with pleasure should be a piece of cake. On the other hand, pleasure needs to be analyzed.

How much is too much? Will you fall in love? Will jealousy control your thinking abilities?

Many people do not think about the outcome of it until it actually happens. Then you are left with edginess and wanting to quit your job because of this past partner. My suggestion would be to think before you act. Think of everything and anything that can occur before you make the mistake.

Leaving your place of business where you have been successful is childish. You are basically stopping your success just because you can’t stand to see the other move on. Dating a boss or someone who has authority over your success, should be “off limits”. Receiving a huge promotion will not only create problems with others but also yourself. If your “business/pleasure” relationship with your boss goes “sour”, you may be likely to loose your “high” position depending on the maturity level of your boss.

Many have also thought of just having occasional encounters. Make sure both establish the grounds and make sure that it will be nothing more if you decide to not take it a step further. Kissing on a stairwell, taking a quick lunch in the parking garage, fondling in the office are exciting in many ways for both. You will always have that “main” co-worker who is skeptical about your “relations” and may want to do some investigating. If you both have established that the encounters will be left at that, make sure you keep your relations discrete.

If you are attracted to someone in your place of business right now and it is not your boss, I say…go for it!