Who is B. Shels?

New comer to Pittsburgh’s music scene, B Shels is looking to continue the trend of recent good music coming from the area. Raised in the suburbs of Detroit, he has the versatility and opportunity of having many different sound influences around him, but maintains a laxed style. This can be heard throughout his music. With much more in store, we look forward to hearing about B Shels a lot more.

ShelbieWoo here again with a great interview with BShels. This dude may be one of the younger members in the game, but he is deffinetly one of the best the ‘Burgh has to offer. Show him some love, give him a listen at http://www.youtube.com/AnthemCulture. Also find him on twitter at http://www.twitter.com/BShels. It’s deffinetly worth the time!

1. How long have you been in the Music Business?

I’ve been involved with music since around middle school playing different instruments and such. I really got focused with rapping/producing last summer. That’s really when I began to take it seriously, so I would say a year now.

2. If you had to use three word to sum up your music career, what would they be?

Young Emerging Talent

3. It’s known you’re from Detroit, how did you end up in the Burgh? Did your music career have anything to do with the move?

Well, I attend the University of Pittsburgh. I came to visit the city and liked the overall vibe that I got while here; not to mention the rising music scene. I had a feeling that there would be plenty of opportunities here so it was really a gut feeling that, so far, has been turning out well. It’s also in a location in which I can access many different cities without traveling too far so that’s another plus.

4. Where does the insperation for your songs come from?

Honestly, I get inspired for music by watching different movies. Seeing the world and situations from different eyes creates a new perspective for me. I feel that it shapes creativity by not limiting me to looking at things from only one point of view.

5. If you were, for an album or song,to switch to a different genre besides rap/hip-hop, what would you choose and why?

One of my favorite genres to listen to (and also the era) is 80’s Pop. For some reason, that always seems to catch my attention as far as the melodies and sound choices that they used in that time. I would like to experiment with that style sometime in the future and sort of recreate and reinvent that.

6. Do you find you and your music to be an inspiration to others?

As I gain more recognition for what I do and eventually when people begin to hear my story, I feel it would definitely be an inspiration to anyone who wants to do something specific with their life and has specific goals and dreams. Coming to Pittsburgh, I was on my own and knew not one person. I basically had to step outside my comfort zone and spark musical relationships out of thin air; putting myself in position for opportunities and taking advantage of them. I think as my career progresses, others will take notice and in effect, begin to go out and build their own paths to where they want to be.

7. At the begining of your music career, who was your biggest supporter(s)?

I began making beats in high school, so I had a group of friends with whom we would play samples of our latest work to. Once I came here and began performing and showcasing my music talent various ways, I feel I’m still just beginning. Being the case, all the people who share my music with others, listen to my songs, or even simply viewing me as an artist, I would say are my biggest supporters. It puts it into perspective of who I am making music for and in the long run, those people will be the main reason of why anyone will reach where they want to be.

8. If it weren’t for music, where would you be?

I am in school studying Marketing now. I have always been a fan of the business world but I’m not really a fan of the idea of having a boss. I would definitely be going the route of entrepreneur, which I still plan to do in the future. If I stopped music today, I would be focused on getting a clothing line running. That’s another big interest to me.

9. Do you consider your music clean, as in lyrics?

If so is that something you aim for? When I first started recording, I was in my basement rapping into a mic that was in a closet that could be heard throughout the whole house for some reason. It would have been an awkward experience using suggestive language with my parents listening to every single word I said, so I put in a little more effort to not use ‘dirty’ language in my music. Now, it’s routine to me so yes, my music still is clean. Also a lot of the topics I rap about reflect my daily lifestyle which is as a laid back college student enjoying life as it comes. Being born and raised in a quiet suburb, I really didn’t go through too much struggle so I don’t even rap about that either since I can’t directly relate.

10. If you were to do a song with anyone, artist or not, who would you choose?

I would choose to do a song with Kanye West. I see him as being one of the most creative artist in the industry. I honestly don’t feel ready to work with someone of his credibility yet, but once I do reach that level and able to do so, I’ll probably feel like I made it…

Mixtape dropping soon!

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