163576_889363052810_1275401444_nSome artists focus on one or 2 mediums but you seem to work with many. What do you like working with most?

I am always experimenting with new materials and mediums, there is too much out there to not try everything. Its always good to be well versed in your work.

I find some of your functional art very interesting and nice. Do you make a lot of furniture and such for yourself as well or mostly for commission?

Thank you… I enjoy the structural aspect of building furniture. And the best is taking things that are not normally used to create furniture. I dont really build much furniture for myself, most of it is commission or just because I felt like building something new.

You seem to use a technique of line drawings for some ofScreen Shot 2013-11-19 at 11.58.50 PM your work. How long have you been doing this and do you have a name for it?

My line style has been evolving for about ten years now. I have always been a doodler, and now I have been covering everything possible. I would like to have a gallery show with 100 random objects covered, all in one room. I havent really named it, but my line work can be found on Instagram – #bradlines

Where do you often find the stuff that you repurpose?

I have my reuse army of friends and family, they are always giving the heads up on good finds. I find materials in the woods, garbage, dumpsters, Construction Junction, dirty dark basements, roadsides…just about everywhere, I have an eye for the forgotten and rusted.

1002605_933193860520_835677904_nAre there any public places we can find your art on display?

My work is on display at Pittsburgh Winery, 2815 Penn Ave in the Strip District.

Do you have a wish list of items you are looking to repurpose?

Nothing really in particular, the surprise of what I might find is half the fun. Anything metal or real wood, old, antique, retro. I like to use the unrecognizable. I never know what could turn up next. Im always on the lookout for anything in multiples. I would like to cover a car with my line drawings.

How long have you been involved / interested in art?398484_706873832670_1165980041_n

I have been creating my entire life. As a kid, I would rip things apart and put them back together into something new. Teachers were yelling at me for drawing in class from the 2nd grade on. Not until after my formal art training did I realize that I could possibly make a living doing what I love. I wouldnt want it any other way.

What other hobbies / interests do you have?

I love nature and its creatures, its always been a big inspiration for me. Im an animal lover. I like going on long walks to find materials and inspiration along the way. Knowledge is my biggest hobby, there is always more to learn.

998587_931232321460_1069835881_nAre there any local artist you are a fan of that we should check out?

Danny Devine is one of my favorites, he is Pittsburgh.

POPGH stands for people of pittsburgh going hard. How do you go hard for your city?

I love Pittsburgh and the people. I’ve lived here my whole life, I want to see this place flourish. I push this underground art scene to fullest. I am going into my second year working with the Pittsburgh Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation on their Rainbow Gala. I use items in my work that I have found on the ground, so its litter control!

Thank you to all that support my work. Thanks to the Boot Prints Crew, The Meterroom Studios, Pittsburgh Winery, and Touchfaster.
Instagram – @krii8it