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The H&T (Heroes and Terrorists)

The H&T (Heroes and Terrorists)

/ Pittsburgh


The name Heroes & Terrorists represents the duality of life; the Ying and Yang that we all experience on our journey toward success. Regardless of the intentions that we have on our way to the top, the decisions that we make always have two kinds of effects; positive and negative. There is always going to be someone who looses something when you gain something. You can’t escape peoples perspectives whether they view you as a hero, or a terrorist. The only option you have is to continue to grow and be yourself. This is the way the world works, and as cultured artists we embrace the world holistically. #PerspectiveIsEverything

The H&T is a Pittsburgh/Atlanta based Hip Hop group comprised of six versatile emcees (Alumni, Bilal Abbey, Hennessy Jones, Luxo, Cobannah White, and Akrya) five of which was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, and one born in PG County, Maryland. The H&T bursted onto the music scene in 2011 and ever since then they have become elite in the Underground Hip Hop scene being known for their refreshingly versatile music and electrifying live performances. They have been called a mix between the Wu Tang Clan and A Tribe called Quest, striving on their music and performances. The H&T are their own competition that’s what sets them apart from other bands, they strive to be better than themselves and is always upgrading and uplifting audiences worldwide.

“Were family if one of us or all of us are suffering from writers block or lack of inspiration we sit together or email music, beats, songs and just vibe out and clear everything going on and refocus then write and come up with new music. We always look at our music and performances like the best amusement park in the world you never been to… you have so many rides one is fast, one loops around, one has waterfalls, and one is scary. With there being 6 of us with different sounds we compliment each other well and keeps the audience on their toes always thinking what’s next?

When it comes to music from The H&T you can guarantee that it will be thought provoking, original, and lyrical. Their live performances are always energetic and entertaining. If you’re a fan of the art of hip-hop download their music and enjoy the high. People never know what to expect they just know it’s going to be a great ride! We want them to smile, slow rock, jump in the air, scream, dance, then put their hands up all in one sitting and genuinely just effect people… they feel more excited and enjoy us while were enjoying them and capturing their hearts.”



Phone 4128551194