1510397_1392963597625793_1845306265_nAntania is 9years old & suffers from DRAVET SYNDROME, a rare brain disorder that causes her to have 100-300 severe uncontrolled seizures a day! PLEASE HELP

For those of you who don’t know me, I suffer from a rare form of Epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome. ALL FDA approved medicines have failed me. My only relief is from MEDICAL MARIJUANA but in Pennsylvania it is not legal. Our Governor has said if a bill ever reached his desk, he would veto it! Denying me a chance to live without pain & seizures. Well, on January 14,2014 such a bill SB 1182 was introduced.I an not talk, walk, eat or do anything without 24 hour assistance, because of my disease. However, medial marijuana an make that all possible for me.I hae so much to tell everyone that knows me. I want to thank my momma for never leaving my side. I want to tell my baby brother, that he is my strength & the best baby brother ever. I love him so much. I want to tell my Nini & Bubby thank you for taking me on all the medical trips to Miami and for making me so strong. I want to tell my Nunny & Pappy that their wish will come true and I will one day be able to run into their arms. I want to thank my cousins for being my best friends & for never treating me like I am”different”& I want to tell my Uncle 1489181_1392964017625751_586431525_nNino & Aunt Autumn that everything they do for me & with me ALWAYS makes me smile. I want to be able to go to the park like the other kids & run into my mommie’s arms. BUT without medical marijuana I have no voice! I remain confined to a wheelchair because every seizure drops me violently to the ground. I sit back & watch all the other kids swim & play in the grass & catch baseballs & run. I deserve that chance. I want to not have to take all the yucky medicine I take now 4 times a day that does more damage to my body & mind than anything. And has terrible side effects such as rashes, adrenal insufficiency, headaches, stomach aches, low blood cells & more. I am confined to my wheelchair by my disorder & trapped in my own body from all these medications. I am on adult doses of the equivalent to xanax. I want to show the world who I am. Please help me. Help my family. Be my voice! Governor Corbett please do not VETO ME! SB 1182 Legalize Medical Marijuana TODAY & save our children.

Petition: Legalize Medical Marijuana

 Facebook: Antania Hawkins/Please Be My Voice