by Celeste M. Scott

In a musical world of sampling, auto tune, and simulated instruments, exciting live performance has become an unfortunate rarity. We hear so many one lined Unknownrants, that it has become the norm.  Tried and true music lovers crave the enveloping sensation that true artistry affords, but often come up empty in this age of three word hooks and simplistic tunes.

Enter Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution, or as they are affectionately know, LSSD, the answer to the crisis of the influx of questionable mainstream music.

If you can imagine with me for a minute an empty stage, a place of anticipation, a void.  Suddenly drummer, CJ Young, appears with the twirl of his sticks and through the boom -bap rhythm of his instrument, he brings the stage alive.  The strum-dance of the bassist, Beni Rossman using his limber fingers to spin the yarn, the foundation of the selection soon follows.  Then without warning the melody of the keyboardist, James Rushin, pounding out the notes to your favorite tunes hits you with force.  The wailing of guitarist   Alex Kauffmann, mastering the riffs, vibrates you from within.  The familiar down home twang of the harmonica played by B. Michael Smith synchronizes it all into a harmonious crescendo.  Before you know it a sultry voice invades the former void and the masterpiece is painted.

For those moments, all is well, the world stops spinning and the room becomes full of possibility.  A feeling you remember feeling, but have not felt in a long time because you had been numbed by the influx of mainstream music and had forgotten what it felt like for your soul to sing.  This is Lyndsey Smith and Soul distribution, stage performance at its finest.  Brilliant instrumentation, its fly, its funky, and its 1000% real, quality artistry.  Professional and polished, yet wild and free.  Somehow, you realize this it what you had been seeking, what Unknown-11your playlist had been missing and what your music lovers’ soul has been hungry for.  Satisfaction. Finally. An experience, a journey into the history of music but a glimpse into the future of what innovative artistry can be.  The fiery passion of this machine is infectious and soon spills over into the crowd.

Rock with me and be introduced to a phenomenon, a local phenomenon that can surely become a globally known household name.  Clearly, they possess the “it factor”.

Lead singer, Lyndsey Smith is a powerhouse vocalist with style, poise, grace, and showmanship to light the stage aflame and she is powered forward by her illustrious back up singer Stacey Randolph. The comradery and chemistry onstage is refreshing. Everyone in this band fulfills their parts like a well oiled machine and the result is beyond memorable, it is legendary.

Yes, it is that serious.

Not only does the repertoire of LSSD span several decades, but they have released an album of original music that is simply exquisite.  Nobody can witness this band play and leave the same. You will leave changed and in an unexplainable way.  So much hurt and pain in the world today, it is necessary to have healing music, Unknown-10music that permeates the psyche and releases dopamine, in essence, makes you feel oh so good.

My first encounter with Lyndsey Smith and Soul Distribution brought me to my feet and I remained there for the entire set. Groovy is an understatement.  No syllables I can craft can truly capture the magic that happens in this music, you simply must experience it for yourself.  Trust me; you will be aching for the next performance.  You will know that this band is the answer that we have been waiting for.  The x-factor in the equation for the best quality of music available and it is delivered seemingly effortless.

Rhythm and blues conveyed raw and in your face. Ballads belted out, but smoothly caressing you.  The song line-up is seamlessly synergized for your edification. Stomp, shout, clap, and reminisce along with them. Participation is not only encouraged, it is inevitable.

Support this band mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Allow them in to do what they do best.  I am a witness!  You will find a piece of your own soul in the boom bap of the drum, the dance of the bass, the wail of the guitar, the twang of the harmonica, the melody of the keyboards, the amazing delivery of the songstress….. That old familiar excitement of hearing words and tones brought to life will return to you instantly.    Yes, it is that serious.

Pittsburgh needs this, more importantly; the world of music needs this.  It is necessary.  The expertise that this band represents is a testament that local talent is Unknown-9worthy of recognition on all levels.

Their momentum is fierce and they have already surmounted obstacles known to Pittsburgh musicians and are looking to open doors and minds in future endeavors.  LSSD is featured on, one of Pittsburgh’s newest radio stations with “When My Baby’s Gone” in rotation. Performing for sellout crowds at the hottest venues, such as Rivers’ Casino, Altar Bar, Hard Rock Café, and the Savoy Restaurant they are moving upward by leaps and bounds. Commanding a large and growing fan base, they are proving that local talent can compete on a stage with anyone and shine brightly.

I have fallen head over heels for these wonderful musicians and I believe you will also.

LSSD remains unsigned.  Any inquiries can be directed to the website listed.

Check them out!

My personal picks are “Can’t Resist it” and “Ball and Chain”!

“Can’t Resist It” is beyond catchy and you will find yourself humming it throughout your day.

“Ball and Chain” has a bluesy feel of a Standard coupled with the contemporary ferocity of an Empowered woman of freedom!

All of the songs on the album are hits in my opinion and can stand alone.

Download the official album today!

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