1. As in most of your songs, you make references to the ‘Burgh, do you feel you have the ‘Burgh’s back the way it has yours?

I love my city.  Pittsburgh is the city of champions for a reason.  We worked hard for this position.i feel my city has been loyal to me so in turn i stay loyal to my city and my people who grind just as hard as me if not harder.  My whole album is a dedication to Pittsburgh’s Underground Hip-Hop scene.  ITS A MOVEMENT!

2. In the music biz, do you feel like you are underestimated because of your sex?

No…  Because i get in where i fit in.  A term used lightly by most.  I use my female gender and race as an advantage in this particular music genre.its a shocker! people dont expect that from me, and i have the pipes to back it up so its a double whammy.  I believe I’m at a complete advantage at this point.its entertainment at its best!

3. Where do most of your lyrics originate?

I make references to the artists i’ve been influenced by.  Which ranges from Ozzy to UGK.  The lyrics are mostly describing what im about and what i do in this life and for this life.  Deep messages of unity and perseverance beam through in my music.

4. In the song, “For Lita”, when you ask if thinks will stay the same, is that the way you want them to be?

For Lita” is a tribute song to Lita Ford.  Her lyrics, my beat, my melody.  She is a powerful woman with amazing vocals and guitar skills.  Late 80’s early 90’s rock.  Love her!  Her original is called “Close my Eyes Forever”.  IDKWTF shes talkin about, lol.

5. What has music taught you?

Music has taught me the same thing life teaches you.  Don’t be to quick to trust, always keep your eyes and ears open for opportunity and you get what you put in.  Either go Big or go home.  Wise words from my mama.

6. If you had to compare your music career to a drink what would it be and why?

Long Island Ice Tea… because i started singing in the civic light opera at age 12, then sang with a tribute band called Bon-Journey, now im doing what i love! Hip-Hop.#chea! gotta love that mix.

7. How do you think people see you in the music biz?

I visualize my fans and others in the industry to have the upmost respect for me and my music.if you dont.kick rocks.  Hopefully i will make a lasting impression and leave my mark for many years to come.  Thats my goal..and also to takeover the world!!!

8. What drives you to work so hard at your music?

A.LEE music waited for A.LEE.  I wouldn’t have been able to put as much effort or time into this if i were younger.  Now is the time.  So its grind til i shine, its for my son, for me, and for GOD.  Knowing i can make a change in the way people view Hip-Hop is rewarding enough.

9. What makes your career different from all the others?

My career differs in many ways.  I can say its all about what you put in,  who you know, and the way you present yourself.  Professionalism is a must and reliability is even more crucial.  Talent only goes so far yall.  Put in Work!!

10. If your music career were to end right now, what is one thing you are glad you accomplished while it lasted?

THIS IS MY WORLD, IT ENDS WHEN I SAY IT ENDS, as far as accomplishments, take a listen, you tell me.

S/O to all those involved in the making of “Freight Train”,  My official Album release is Oct 31st!! A.LEE ft. Pittsburgh’s Finest. Vol 1. ITS THE STREETS PEOPLE!  Big thanks to PoPGH for this interview.  Yinz are the dopest.

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