1. What do you hope to accomplish with your new mixtape, The Motive?

The Motive is my EP under Sony Red/SMG entertainment distribution label. I hope to accomplish my initial goal of success and breakthrough in this industry with a force. nobody said this was Eazy. I touch on this point in the album with the track “2Eazy” which is #1 on the album.

2. Did the reviews from your first mixtape, Freight Train, influence The Motive?

The reviews from “Freight Train” were phenomenal mainly due to the Push from all my supporters and fans..much love & respect goes out to all of you. I did it for my city and the love of real Hip-Hop. My influence for the album is MY Motive.and thats to take this game to the next level and turn it up to HIGH power. only time will tell.

3. What is your motive as far as music goes?

I love music, all genres..except twangin country..wtf is that whiney crap? lol..anyway..the realistic approach i took was simple..supply and demand. i want to reach ALL people with the music,,not just rap heads and pop junkies. REAL music lovers..so i incorporated different tricks in my hooks and verses that will bring you back to the days when rap was real and classic rock still rocked..the album is very appealing to all walks of life because it doesnt push aside the past influences,,it embraces them and pays homage to the greats of our music history. From Steve Miller Band to Scarface and the Geto Boyz. its truly a masterpiece for our generation.

4. My 4th question was going to be.  “As some of us know, your roots go back to classic rock. Will The Motive embellish on these roots?” You pretty much just answered that for us!

5. What do you want your listeners to experience from your music?

Just sit back,relax,roll a joint or a blunt, and BLAZE.. from the first to the last track you are in my world..the life of A.lee played out in the form of melodys and ill spits. its like story time in pre-school except its explicit and encourages drug use and violence. hahhah! jk (to a point) there is a softer side to this album which is mixed in with the other tracks that is a breath of fresh air in a world where these things are glamorized and the truth behind the meaning of life is blurred.this is the part of the album that makes you think about whats real and whats fake. the Motive..its in all of us.

6. On Freight Train, you featured many of Pittsburgh’s finest artist. Will we see this on The Motive as well?

FREIGHT TRAIN ft. Pittsburghs Finest Vol 2 coming soon..this EP is all A.Lee,,no features, but many PGH producers and DJs are involved in the making.(thats me keepin it Burgh.) the efforts put forth to help me achieve my goal with this muzic have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. s/o DJ Chevy, James Webb,Wobb Marley and Frankie O So Lovely,the beats are boomtastic and i love the music,,thanks everyone #FirstLadyPGH

7. With any mixtape, what is your main goal?

The goal is always to make fans of good music smile and bob their heads to the beat.if you pick up something out of the lyrics that you can relate to,thats dope too

8. If The Motive were a soundtrack for a movie, what genere or movie would it be?

Thats a tough one..id say this goes well with the movie Set it Off.. just a quick thought.

9. What sets Freight Train apart from The Motive besides time?

This album is my baby..a reflection of me..very personal..the mix tapes reflect the city and those who put in work daily for the love of HipHop and the Burgh. i respect the hustle.

10. Lastly, what can we expect from The Motive? Anything we should look for? Be on the lookout for the single “Ambition”set for release by January 15th. album to follow expect nothing less than a moment of clarity and enlightenment..through HIM all is possible. Amen.

PoPgh all day!! thanks for the opportunity to share this muzic and the dream with yinz..it truly means the world to me.