RARE Nation recording artist AF Rome provides some visuals for his new
track, “Forties.” Gearing up for his debut project, *The Application*,
Romero lets go the feel-good, Mark Parker-produced party record which is
perfect timing for college students headed back for the fall semester.
Romero’s easy going personality and clever rhymes shine throughout the

*Artist:* AF Rome
*Track Title:* Forties
*Album:* The Application
*Producer:* Mark Parker (@1MarkParker <http://twitter.com/1markparker> )
*Shot By:* Edge Media (@Edge_Media_ <http://twitter.com/edge_media_> )
*Official Website: *
Twitter : @AF_Rome <http://twitter.com/af_rome>
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AFRomeOfficial
Label: Unsigned / R.A.R.E. Nation <http://www.rarenation.com>