The lively, exciting Ads Antalik recruits label-mates Palermo Stone and AF Rome for crisp visuals to “Coming Right Back.” The song, produced by Samuel Whitney, finds the three talented emcees in a reflective yet celebratory mood. Ads Antalik is currently preparing his debut project as a R.A.R.E. Nation artist.

Artist: Ads Antalik

Song: “Coming Right Back (feat. AF Rome, Palermo Stone)”

Produced: Samuel Whitney

Album: (Unreleased)

Edited By: Edge Media

Age: 20

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Official Website:…

Facebook: Ads Antalik RARE Nation

Twitter: @Ads_Antalik @PalermoStone @AF_Rome @samuelwhitney @RareNation @edge_media_

Short Bio: Pittsburgh’s twenty-year-old Ads Antalik offers a new, refreshingly different voice for hip hop, a voice that is not bound by city limits or subject matter. He boasts an exciting, rapid-fire delivery mixed with chillingly intricate, yet easy-to-digest lyrics. As hip hop enters what seems to be a lyrical revival, Ads Antalik is the voice to pair this lyrical resurgence with a positive message and push the limits of hip hop in order to bring a positive change to a world that so desperately needs it.

via ▶ Ads Antalik – “Coming Right Back (feat. AF Rome, Palermo Stone)” [Official Video] – YouTube.