Here is the first official drop to the latest music video series, The 9 O’Clock Drop by Dubby of Team Loko. The song is entitled Jesse James (Most Wanted) based on the life of the American outlaw and gang leader and yes, I realize it is spelled wrong in the video. Enjoy and tune in next Tuesday @ 9pm!!


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Audio Engineer – Jason Shaffer –

Directed by – Brad Gillespie – @Stereobreed


Tumbleweed blown, six shooter and a sheriff badge
Circumstance, Jesse had the shotty and the contraband
Arrival in the west he was America’s most wanted man
Gun in hand, loved to shuffle Benji’s in a duffle bag
Loved putting Ulysses in a canvas bag, 50’s rubberbanned and stacked
A broad from the saloon with leather boots and her camel waxed
Handled that.
Whiskey from the tender, town people never gave a second glance
Whenever Jesse had a glass
Lone ranger, ghost maker, trigger trainer
Quick to draw, but not on paper, wasn’t a painter
He was man with a statement aiming to gain his payment
Lately weight increased and his stirupped feet let him speed from danger
Rode a stallion, coal black, only companion
Slept in the canyon, desert sand in his threaded pajamas
Couldn’t see in the evening with the heat of a candle
Face on that cover page, mirror like the daily paper
Daily pray before he went about his business
Plotting, planning and scheming. Illegal characteristics
Blue printed the genius, the green being the reason
If witnesses didn’t comply, Jesse’s Nina ceased to be lenient