AAEAAQAAAAAAAAMiAAAAJDY4MGI4MmIyLTBiZWMtNDlmZC05MzhmLTFlMWU0OWI2MGI4NA1. How will the design help me achieve my business objectives?

When creating a website for your business, the only thing you should focus on is how the design will attract more customers to grow the business. Many business owners overlook this as they see having a website as just another mandatory expense of running a business in the 21st century.

2. How can you ensure my website will not become outdated/obsolete in the near future?

Keeping up with trends can be an intimidating task. The simple answer to this question is to build the website on a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress that is open source and can be easily updated to keep up with the most current level of innovation.

Open source means that the software is free and can be developed and improved by anyone. This leverages the creative and technical skills of millions of developers and designers worldwide to keep all websites using the software protected and up to date.

3. What features will you incorporate to help me market/promote the website?

Without proper marketing the greatest website in the world will go unnoticed. Consider your plan to attracted visitors to your site before you create it and incorporate this marketing strategy into the design.

Common features that designer can add to help with marketing are:

Links to Social Media Pages
Buttons that make sharing content easy
Opt-in boxes for subscribing to email newsletters
SEO plugins for automatically optimizing pages for search engines
Landing pages for improved conversion rates
4. What kind of maintenance/upkeep will be required?

Generally all websites that utilize a database will require some level of maintenance although designers and agencies will typically exaggerate the extent of work required to keep a website operating smoothly. For most websites all the maintenance that is necessary will be to update software and plugins once a month. This process should take no more than 2 billable hours.

5. How much will the site cost?

This question is similar to someone asking “How much does a house cost?” there are an endless amount of variables that factor into pricing such as:

number of pages
number of standard features(contact form, google maps, email newsletter)
number of advanced features(user accounts, ecommerce)
amount of content that needs to be developed
whether custom graphics need to be created
how much onsite testing will be involved
what type of SEO strategy will you be pursuing
Here is a very general overview of website pricing:

Brand New Freelancer with limited experience: $500
Experienced Freelancer with a decent portfolio: $1,000-$3,000
Veteran Freelancer with excellent portfolio: $5,000-$15,000
Brand New Agency with limited client base: $1,500-$5,000
Experienced Agency with decent client base: $5,000-$15,000
Super Agency with larger corporate client base: $25,000-$100,000

Use these questions to improve your hiring strategies in picking a website designer and if you liked this article please post your comments below.