By Kenneth Harper, EBMS

IMG_1034Platinum Recording Artist from Florida, 2 Pistols aka 2P, comes back on the music scene hard and with a bang. 2 Pistols is known for his 2008 hit single “She Got It” featuring T-Pain. He is definitely back with a few hits from his mixtape entitled “Comin’ Back Hard” to include “Know That” Featuring French Montana, “ All I Know” featuring Talib Kweli and French Montana, and “Greedy” featuring Juicy J.

Now that we are caught up on where 2 Pistols has been and where he is now … We can get into the main topic of discussion.

From May 8 – 10, 2015, 2 Pistols was right here in Pittsburgh,IMG_1035 Pennsylvania and performed at each venue; If you didn’t go you definitely heard about it. At one of the venues I was a special invited guest of 2 Pistols himself. At this venue we had a grown man conversation about motivation and success accompanied by Moët Rose and Belvedere.

Motivation is a word that a lot of us use loosely without understanding it’s true meaning. 2 Pistols added new meaning and understanding to the word motivation by explaining his story. In order for this message to come through clearly we have to take a journey back to 2 Pistols’ high school days. During this time 2 Pistols was on his high school’s football team and he was nice on the field. He also had big dreams and goals of moving on to college footballIMG_1022 and ultimately to the National Football League. Due to a prior criminal offense, he was set back in a major way, taking his football dreams away, but every talented person usually possess more than one talent . Taking into consideration the opportunities that there are for someone who was incarcerated;we can agree that there aren’t many. 2 Pistols was then motivated to take his musical talent more seriously by writing and performing songs to lead us to the music artist we see today.

Success is a word that many people confuse with achievement. Achievement is the act of completing a task successfully. Success is made up of multiple achievements that contribute to a person’s life goals. 2 Pistols defines success as a journey. Acknowledging where he has been, appreciating where he is, and defining where he is going is a major motivator for 2 Pistols. He belives that his current success is not an ending point because he wants to achieve more and boost his level of success. 2 Pistols went on to say that traveling to places such as California and Pittsburgh seemed to be unreal until now and this is what keeps him motivated to want to do more everyday.

As an active member of the Tarpon Springs community in Florida, 2 Pistols uses his success and story to be a positive role model and motivator for the youth of this community. 2 Pistols also strives to support his community by supporting local businesses, having turkey give–a-ways for Thanksgiving, and toy drives for Christmas to benefit underprivileged children.

IMG_0990Over the years, 2 Pistols has been an active member in the music community. 2 Pistols enjoys listening to a little bit of every genre of music but he has his picks. Depending on the type of vibe he’s looking for will dictate what type of music he will select. 2 Pistols listens to Ricks Ross, and Yo Gotti but if he’s looking for a chill vibe, ‘Apparently’, 2 Pistols will listen to J.Cole. 2 Pistols stated “On the lyrical side, no other artist is fucking with J.Cole right now.” As part of his contribution to the music community 2 Pistols is working on a new project which is set to be released by the end of summer 2015. By popular hometown demand we can expect to see a feature from Plies on this project. As the music conversation went on 2 Pistols decided to ask “What’s the Pittsburgh music scene like?” This question was the hardest yet most unexpected question ever. I answered “Uhhh… Ummm… It’s a developing city for music. People like Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Chevy Woods, and Hardo have created more opportunities for up and coming music artists and talent to be in the national entertainment business.” After an answer like that the interview concluded with my last sip of Moët Rose, a few photos, and 2 Pistols taking the stage for his performance. and Urban Nerd Enterprises Inc. would like to thank 2 Pistols for taking the time to give us this exclusive interview. We wish much success to 2 Pistols and his team. Follow 2 Pistols on Twitter @2Pistols and on Instagram @TheReal2Pistols.