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Fatcat : Crownville Music (EPK)


Fatcat is a true believer in hip hop lyricism, whether it be in raw street gutta gutta trap anthems or classic tongue twisting mega bar battle type flows. Fatcat believes and holds true to the way of creative and original lyrical content.

Fatcat is one of the few, if not the only, Polynesian MC from eastern North Carolina.
As a child, Fatcat moved frequently due his family's lack of financial stability. Fatcat was raised by a single mother who paid the bills by doing what she knew best, Polynesian shows and luaus. That lifestyle took Fatcat and his family to Cali, Pittsburgh, Texas, Salt Lake City, Florida, and North Carolina, just to name a few. Because of the many relocations, Fatcat has a well rounded and versatile flow.
Fatcat comes from a very spiritual and religious Tongan family. The exposure to the street life, and the spiritual influence from his family, created a strong dichotomy between the two paths. But as they say, during life's struggle, the streets kept calling him back.

Fatcat gave up music to raise a family in 2000 but could not ignore the passion he still had for the beats, the rhymes, and the life.
Growing up in low income situations, Fatcat took to the street life and mentality, which not only became a survival tactic, it also introduced him to hip hop & rap music.
He is now grinding in the studio full force, spitting heat that he's always been known for.
Fatcat produces his own beats but mostly graces the production of his older brother, George Burke aka Big Wize. Fatcat also is working with the Bay Area's own "Goof" who is a legend in Polynesian music.
On Fatcat's next project you can find collabs with Goof, NaDrua, Fiji, Josh Wawa, and many more well known artists and producers.

Some say Fatcat's intellectual rhyme comes from his years of education; having a Bachelors degree in Psychology, a Bachelors degree in Business, and a Masters degree in Social Work. But he would credit his flow style to his love and appreciation of all things hip hop.

Fatcat's drive, motivation, and focus derive from his three daughters, and to the beautiful struggle that being a father is.



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